SKU TR06608

EAN: 5030745500614
1 X Foldable Battery Pack
1 X Mini USB Cable
1 X User Manual
1 X Small EVA mat for use with the iPhone4
Battery 5200mAh – Battery Type: Lithium polymer
Synchronisation via USB Cable
Charging Indicator LEDs
Cab be charged by Apple accessories or from PC
Mini USB Cable supplied
Compatable with iPad and iPhone

iPadDocking | Pama PNG1010 Foldable Battery Dock for iPad & iPhone


The PNG1010 is a special power supply for the iPad and iPhone. With its elegant design and foldable holder is is easy to use. It has an intelligent MCU control which can charge and synchronise at the same time. If you own a PNG1010 you will never have to worry about power again whether you are indoors or out


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